Antibiotic Adjuvants - Enhancing Antibiotic Effectiveness

Antibiotic adjuvants are compounds that enhance the activity of antibiotics against bacterial infections. They can help improve the effectiveness of antibiotics and combat antibiotic resistance.
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Antibiotic Adjuvants FAQ

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What are antibiotic adjuvants?

Nonantibiotic compounds called antibiotic adjuvants which target bacterial resistance can be used in combination with obsolete drugs for an improved therapeutic regime. The field of “antibiotic adjuvants” has gained significant traction in recent years where mechanisms other than β-lactamase inhibition have been explored.

What is the role of adjuvants in antibiotic discovery?

Adjuvants offer a means to both suppress the emergence of resistance and rescue the activity of existing drugs, offering an orthogonal strategy complimentary to new antibiotic discovery VIDEO ABSTRACT. Keywords: antibacterial; drug combinations; drug discovery; inhibitor.

Can antibiotic adjuvants overcome antibiotic resistance?

Rooted in the mechanism of action of antibiotics and subject to bacterial evolution, antibiotic resistance is difficult and perhaps impossible to overcome. Nevertheless, strategies can be used to minimize the emergence and impact of resistance. Antibiotic adjuvants offer one such approach. These are …

Why are antibiotic adjuvants difficult to identify?

The discovery of inhibitors of antibiotic resistance, antibiotic adjuvants, is a proven example of the latter. A major difficulty in identifying new antibiotics is the frequent rediscovery of known compds., necessitating laborious "dereplication" to identify novel chem. entities.

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