Band-Aid - Essential Adhesive Bandages for Wound Care

A Band-Aid is a small, adhesive bandage used to cover minor cuts, wounds, and injuries to protect the area from dirt, bacteria, and friction, promoting healing and preventing infections.
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Band-Aid FAQ

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What is a Band Aid?

esparadrapo, Band-Aid… Need a translator? Get a quick, free translation! Band-Aid definition: 1. a brand name for a small piece of sticky cloth or plastic that you use to cover and protect a….

Who invented the Band Aid?

Dickson passed the idea on to his employer, which went on to produce and market the product as the Band-Aid. Dickson had a successful career at Johnson & Johnson, rising to vice president before his retirement in 1957. The original Band-Aids were handmade and not very popular.

What is a band-aid & how does it work?

What Is A Band-Aid? Band-Aid is a long tape with gauze soaked in medicine in the middle, which is used to stick to the wound to protect the wound, temporarily stop bleeding, resist bacterial regeneration, and prevent the wound from being damaged again. It is the most commonly used emergency medical supplies in hospitals, clinics and families.

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