Ginger Tea - Benefits and How to Make at Home

Ginger tea is a soothing beverage made by steeping ginger root in hot water. It is known for its digestive and anti-nausea properties.
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Can be made at home using fresh ginger or purchased in tea bags from stores.
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Prepared by Shruti Sahoo, reviewed by Dr. Eugene Smith

Ginger Tea FAQ

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What are the health benefits of drinking ginger tea?

Ginger also has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties, and may offer relief from headaches, colds, and pain caused by inflammation. 1 Researchers continue to look at its possible benefits for various diseases. While there are few side effects to drinking ginger tea, it's always a good idea to discuss it with your doctor.

Can you drink ginger tea if you have a cold?

Strain and pour the ginger tea into a glass or a cup. Add honey to the drink to get a slightly sweet flavor to help relief the problem. Consume it during the cold for relief and best results. A ginger drink used to treat cold and sore throat... Firstly, take a sauce pan. Add a glass of water into the pan. Switch on the stove.

Can you drink too much ginger tea?

Ginger tea is unlikely to cause side effects in most people, but it’s possible to experience some problems from drinking too much of it. Although there’s no set amount of ginger or ginger tea that’s considered too much, some studies have recommended an upper limit of 1,000 mg of ginger per day to soothe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.

What is ginger tea?

Ginger tea is a combination of ginger root and boiling water. It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries and is known for its potential health benefits like quelling nausea and reducing inflammation.

How to make ginger tea?

Making ginger tea doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, or ingredients. All you’ll need is a bit of fresh ginger and boiling water. To prepare, start with a chunk of fresh ginger. (A 1-inch piece is large enough.) Wash and peel the ginger, slice it into a few pieces, and place the slices in the bottom of a heat-resistant mug.

Where can I buy ginger flavored tea?

You can purchase ginger-flavored tea bags or prepared teas at the supermarket or health food store. However, these are made with flavored tea leaves, rather than ginger alone. Making ginger tea doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, or ingredients. All you’ll need is a bit of fresh ginger and boiling water.

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