Importance of Medication Disposal Kits for Safe Drug Disposal

Medication disposal kits are tools that help in the safe disposal of unused or expired medications, including those used in HIV treatment. These kits provide instructions on proper disposal methods to prevent environmental contamination and unauthorized use of medications.
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Medication Disposal Kits FAQ

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What is a controlled drug disposal kit?

Purpose made controlled drug disposal kits suspend the Schedule 8 medicine in a gel preventing retrieval. They are strongly recommended to maintain security and those with a chemical neutralising agent included are preferred. The disposal kit can then be placed in the RUM bins for secure disposal.

How do I dispose of expired and unwanted medicines?

Storage of expired and unwanted medicines in the home can be dangerous, and unsafe disposal of unwanted medicines can lead to environmental harm. Your local community pharmacy provides a free and convenient way to dispose of your unwanted medicines responsibly.

What is the National return & disposal of unwanted Medicines program?

The National Return and Disposal of Unwanted Medicines Program provides a free and safe method for the disposal of unwanted and expired medicines. This stops drugs being dumped in landfill and waterways. An audit showed that over 600 tonnes of medicines are returned through the program.

How do disposal contractors dispose of unwanted medicines?

Disposal contractors dispose of them in line with Environmental Protection Authority requirements, mostly using high-temperature incineration. There is no cost to you or community pharmacies for this service. National Return and Disposal of Unwanted Medicines Limited holds the current Commonwealth Standard Funding Grant Agreement.

How do I dispose of unwanted medicines?

For more information, visit our page on safe disposal of unwanted medicines. So set a reminder to do a stocktake of your medicine cabinet in the next fortnight. Say goodbye to unwanted medicines, and you'll do Marie Kondo proud. If you have any unwanted medicines, you can safely dispose of them at your local pharmacy.

How do you dispose of expired medicines?

Advise patients to return all unwanted medicines to a pharmacy for disposal. Many unwanted and expired medicines in the community are disposed of via general waste or sewerage.1 Medicines discarded in household rubbish bins end up in landfill and may damage the environment.

Where can I drop off unwanted medicines?

You can drop your unwanted medicines off at any participating pharmacy at no cost to you or the pharmacy. The program disposes of the medicines, mostly through high-temperature incineration. The program supports the quality use of medicines by collecting, transporting and disposing of unwanted medicines in a timely and environmentally safe way.

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