Nutrient-Rich Foods - Essential Nutrients for Your Health

Nutrient-rich foods are foods that provide a high amount of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Consuming a diet rich in these foods can support overall health and well-being.
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Nutrient-rich Foods FAQ

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What are nutrient rich foods?

Nutrient-rich (or nutrient-dense) foods are low in sugar, sodium, starches, and bad fats. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and few calories. Your body needs vitamins and minerals, known as micronutrients. They nourish your body and help keep you healthy. They can reduce your risk for chronic diseases.

What are nutrient-dense foods?

By including nutrient-dense foods in their diet, people can increase the amount of nutrition that they get per calorie. Examples of nutrient-dense foods include legumes and nuts, which are an excellent source of protein for those following vegetarian or vegan diets.

What are the best nutrient-dense foods?

The best nutrient-dense foods for a person to incorporate into their diet may depend on the foods that make up the rest of their diet. Nutrient-dense foods include salmon, nuts, sweet potato, and quinoa. Adding these foods to the diet can provide health benefits. Learn more about the most nutrient-dense foods here.

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