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Organic skincare products are made from natural and organically grown ingredients without synthetic chemicals. They are beneficial for those seeking gentler alternatives.
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Prepared by Shruti Sahoo, reviewed by Dr. Eugene Smith

Organic Skincare Products FAQ

What is organic skin care?

Organic skin care refers to products that include organically-farmed ingredients. The standards of organic farming vary globally, but typically, organic farms do not use laboratory-made substances. Instead, organic farms keep their produce healthy using natural substances.

What makes a skin care product organic?

For a skin care product to be organic, it must consist of organically farmed and processed plant-derived ingredients. Some examples of these include: The exact percentage of organic ingredients in a product with “organic” on the label can vary depending on local laws.

Are organic skin care products more effective?

In the United States, products with a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic seal contain at least 95% organic ingredients. There is no evidence these products are more effective, but they may be more environmentally friendly. In this article, we look more closely at organic skin care, including what it is, and what the benefits are.

Are there any organic skincare brands?

With the explosion of clean beauty, many organic skincare brands have gone mainstream. You might already know of big names like Tata Harper or Herbivore Botanicals which you’ll often find at Sephora stores (check out our complete list of 150 natural skincare brands ).

What are organic and vegan skin & body care products?

Organic and Vegan Skin and Body Care Products made using only the best quality natural products with eco packaging and sustainability in mind. We aim to offset our carbon footprint by donating 2% of our sales by value each month to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife based in Sydney, New South Wales.

What is the best organic skincare store in Australia?

Use code BEAUTYBOOST. T&Cs apply. Our reputation as the strictest organic skin care store in Australia means when you shop online with Nourished Life, you're guaranteed to discover some of the best natural skincare in Australia. We're obsessed with clean beauty and organic beauty products that work!

What are the best organic skincare brands?

From gentle natural skincare cleansers and moisturisers to nightly repair organic serums and multi-purpose balms, shop from the best natural skincare brands, including Kora Organics, Mukti, Sodashi, Endota & more with Nourished Life. It's vital to us that as well as being clean, our organic skincare products deliver actual results.

How do organic and vegan skincare products work?

Our range of organic and vegan skincare products give you brighter, smoother, and clearer skin. When used properly, the natural ingredients in our products nourish and protect your skin barrier, keeping it clear and radiant. Hydrate. Balance. Repair. Detoxify. Cleanse. Eliminate. Cleanse. Brighten. Hydrate. Sculpt. Depuff. Define. Clear. Nourish.

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