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Patient advocacy involves promoting and protecting the rights of patients, particularly in healthcare settings. Advocates help patients navigate the healthcare system, understand their treatment options, and ensure they receive quality care.
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Available through patient advocacy organizations, healthcare facilities, and online resources.
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Prepared by Shruti Sahoo, reviewed by Dr. Eugene Smith

Patient Advocacy FAQ

What is patient advocacy in nursing?

Patient advocacy is a social issue which can be evaluated from personal and professional aspects. In this study, patient advocacy in nursing included the two themes of empathy with patients and protecting patients. Protection of patients in previous studies has been repeatedly defined as an important component of patient advocacy.

What does advocating for patients mean?

According to the participants, advocating for the patients meant helping and/or supporting the patient to obtain the needed financial support that would enhance their patient's care in the hospital during hospitalization. It also meant nurses were available to help whenever needed by their patients. The participants made the following comments:

What does a patient advocate do?

They assist with many aspects of a patient's medical care to make it a little less complicated. Because a patient advocate also helps patients receive financial, social, and legal support, they also correspond with health care providers, insurance companies, lawyers, case managers, and employers. They advocate for the patient however they may need.

How to improve patient advocacy and quality care of patients?

This study has implications for an improvement in patient advocacy and quality care of patients. Hospital authorities and stakeholders should motivate nursing staff through establishment of patient advocacy team, creation of awareness and provision of the basic equipment needed to provide quality patient care.

What is a patient advocate?

One important Patient Right is support and help from a family member or friend. This is called Patient Advocacy. A Patient Advocates are often involved in protecting and enforcing patient rights. The APA can assist with information and resources to assist Patient Advocates. What can I expect from the Australian health system?

Who is the Australian Patient Advocacy Alliance?

Welcome to the Australian Patient Advocacy Alliance, a collective of national health organisations working to achieve reforms in the Australian healthcare system.

How can advocacy protect my rights?

Advocacy can protect your rights. It makes sure you are not discriminated against. Sometimes advocacy involves groups of people working to fix problems in the healthcare system. If you are caring for someone whose healthcare rights have been denied, you can talk directly to the healthcare provider.

How do you support a patient?

There are many ways to support a patient. First and foremost, the best practice for taking care of patients and giving Patient support starts with having a conversation with the patient. Listening to patients, understanding their needs, showing respect, involving patients’ family and friends and their carers assists in offering emotional support.

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