Artichoke Leaf Extract - Dietary Supplement for Wellness

Artichoke leaf extract is a dietary supplement derived from the leaves of the artichoke plant. It is commonly used for promoting liver health, aiding digestion, and supporting cholesterol management. Artichoke leaf extract is available in capsules, tablets, and liquid form.
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Available for purchase at health food stores, pharmacies, and online vendors.
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Artichoke Leaf Extract FAQ

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What is artichoke leaf extract?

Most people focus on the heart of the artichoke, but the leaves contain higher concentrations of nutrients. That’s why artichoke extract is made from the leaves rather than the heart. As a result, artichoke leaf extract is a fantastic food supplement, packed with nutrients on top of its many herbal properties.

Does artichoke leaf extract really work?

The evidence supporting these claims is generally weak. Artichoke leaf extracts are taken by mouth and mainly sold in capsule or gelcap forms. There are also concentrated liquid forms you can take with a dropper. Artichoke leaf extract is sometimes even infused into face creams for its purported anti-aging effects.

What is artichoke extract used for?

Artichoke Extract is most often used for Gut Health and Liver Health. The Examine Database covers High Cholesterol andType 2 Diabetes conditions. Artichoke Extract is linked to 2 conditions and outcomes. Get Examine+ to unlock these insights and the details of over 50,000 other studies. What else is Artichoke Extract known as?

What is artichoke extract?

Artichoke extract consists of plant chemicals from the artichoke plant, usually the leaves. The active ingredient in artichoke extract is the chemical called cynarin. During the extraction process, manufacturers blend the extract of many artichokes, potentially offering greater benefits than a person might get from eating a single artichoke.

What is artichoke leaf extract used for?

Leaf extracts of the artichoke plant are used for their liver (hepato) protectant properties and also have anti-carcinogenic, antioxidative, antiviral and antibacterial effects. According to the USDA’s info on artichoke nutrition data, one medium-sized, cooked, boiled artichoke (about 120 grams) contains approximately:

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