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HIV test kits are devices that detect the presence of HIV antibodies or antigens in a person's blood, saliva, or urine.
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HIV Test Kits FAQ

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What is a HIV test kit?

It’s a kit that you can use to test yourself for HIV at home or elsewhere. There are two kinds: You take a sample (of blood or saliva) and post it to a laboratory. You will get your result by text (SMS) message or telephone call from a healthcare worker.

How do I get an HIV self-testing kit?

Complete a short quiz to help decide if an HIV self-testing kit is the best option for you. To order your kit, all you need to do is provide a name, an address, a contact email, and confirmation of your age. Your kit will then be delivered in a discreet, unidentifiable express post package through Australia Post.

When does HIV show up on a self-testing kit?

If you have HIV, it will show up on an HIV self-testing kit if it has been at least three months since you were exposed. This three-month period where HIV may be present but not detected is also called a window period.

How many HIV self-testing kits can I order?

Orders are limited to four HIV self-testing kits per individual, shipped over two deliveries. Six months after your first order, we will contact you via email to ask if you would like to receive another two free HIV self-testing kits. Please note that our service will not contact you to request your results.

Are HIV self-testing kits available in Australia?

HIV self-testing kits have been used internationally for some time and have now become increasingly available across Australia since they have been recognised as effective and subsidised by the Australian government. What is a HIV self-test?

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