Veterinary Hygiene Products for Animal Care

Veterinary hygiene products are specialized items used in animal care settings to promote cleanliness, sanitation, and overall hygiene for animals. They include cleaning agents, disinfectants, grooming supplies, and protective gear.
Where to get
Available in veterinary clinics, pet stores, and online pet supply retailers.
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Cleaning supplies, Grooming tools, Personal protective equipment
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Veterinary Hygiene Products FAQ

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Who is responsible for hygiene in a veterinary practice?

Everyone in the practice, owner/client, veterinary surgeon, veterinary nurse, receptionist, kennel worker/patient care assistant and cleaner is responsible for hygiene of the practice. It is everyone's responsibility as there are a number of repercussions if practice hygiene is not adhered to. Clients and practice staff expect:

Why is hygiene important in veterinary practice?

Therefore, maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in veterinary practice is vitally important to ensure the safety of patients, staff and clients by minimising risk of acquiring infection whilst on the premises. Key infection control protocols play an important part in maintaining practice hygiene.

What are veterinary hygiene biocidal products?

Veterinary hygiene biocidal products are biocides for veterinary hygienic purposes, including products that are used in accommodations in which animals are housed, kept or transported. To disinfect residences for birds, pigeons and chickens, consumers use veterinary hygiene biocidal products.

Why do veterinarians use disinfectants?

Cleansers, antiseptics, and disinfectants play critical roles in preventing infectious disease transmission in veterinary medicine. From use as a presurgical scrub to disinfection after an outbreak, these products are relied upon by veterinarians for safe and effective germicidal activity.

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