Sweetener - Adding Flavorful Sweetness to Your Diet

Sweeteners are substances used to add sweetness to foods and beverages, providing a flavor-enhancing alternative to sugar.
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Sweetener FAQ

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What are sweeteners & how do you use them?

Sweeteners are food additives used to sweeten our food. For those who like to use sweeteners, there is a broader range of choices than ever before. Some of these options are caloric sweeteners such as sugar, honey, and maple syrup, and they provide energy in the form of sugars/carbohydrates.

What is a sweetener in food & drink?

A sweetener is a substance added to food or drink to impart the flavor of sweetness, either because it contains a type of sugar, or because it contains a sweet-tasting sugar substitute. Various natural non-sugar sweeteners and artificial sweeteners are used to produced food and drink.

Why are sweeteners so popular?

Sweeteners provide an intense sweet flavour. They have become increasing popular as people look for diferent ways to satisfy their sweet tooth, without the associated energy (kilojoules or calories) of regular sugar. Artificial or non-nutritive sweeteners are often used as an alternative to sugar.

What are natural sweeteners used for?

Natural sweeteners are used in many food and drinks but are commonly used to sweeten flavoured waters and soft drinks. For those with a particularly sweet tooth, sweeteners provide an alternative to sugar without the associated energy (kilojoules or calories).

What is a sweetener used for?

Sweetener, any of various natural and artificial substances that provide a sweet taste in foods and beverages. In addition to their sweetening power, they may be used in food preservation, fermentation, baking, and food browning and caramelization. Learn about the types of sweeteners and concerns about their use.

Are sweeteners a food additive?

They are classed as food additives and added to foods to replace sugar to provide low or lower energy/kilojoule foods or foods that are reduced in sugar or sugar-free. Some intense sweeteners occur naturally in some plants and can be extracted to produce a highly concentrated extract.

Are intense sweeteners better than sugar?

Intense sweeteners are many times sweeter than sugar which means they can be used in much smaller amounts. They are classed as food additives and added to foods to replace sugar to provide low or lower energy/kilojoule foods or foods that are reduced in sugar or sugar-free.

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